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Export Of Aberdeen Angus to Portugal

Liss Angus as part of a consortium of breeders from Ireland recently supplied a number of animals to Portugal, with further shipments in progress.


An Angus Breeder's Rulebook.

Give them a read....

* If she’s not pregnant, she can’t stay.

* Trimming feet should be done just behind the ears!

* Always drink upstream from the herd!

* There’s no place for a “Rusty Knife” in the calving box!

* Cows with swing bags swing best on the hook!

* The fastest way to double our money in this industry is fold it over and put it back in your pocket!

* All my €1,000.00 bulls are steers.

* Never sell a breeding animal you wouldn’t be proud to own!

* Big birth weight bull calves grow up to make great steers!

* If you’re riding ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it’s still there!


From New Dimension Cattle Company



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Recent Travels




In July 2009, we attended the World Angus Forum in Calgary, Canada, as part of a family holiday. We seen some excellent judging,some fantastic cattle and had the privilege of seeing a large array of pedigrees in one location. Something that we noticed while watching the judging was that, there was great emphasis placed on animal conformation, and the fundamental basics that make Angus, Angus. While experiencing some of what Canada has to offer, such as Lake Louise, in Banff National Park, and the Calgary Stampede, we also experienced a different way of farming and living. This experience was made possible thanks to the hospitality of a number of herds, A.I. stations and people, including Hamilton Farms, Stevensons Angus Herd, Hirsche Angus and Jim Henderson, to name but a few.






Germany was a very interesting and enjoyable trip by Shane Mc Kiernan and myself, where we saw both Red and Black Angus, of moderate size, very correct of confirmation, with females producing well fleshed progeny. We visited a performance test centre, very similar to the Tully test centre here in Ireland. Their performance recording is simple and is achieving their aims, with calves having to reach targets before gaining full pedigree status, so poor cattle never get full pedigree status. As always cattle people are the best in the world, and we made some good friends while doing some business.



Summer Shows


Every summer we exhibit our cattle at agricultural shows the length and breadth of Ireland. They are a great way to promote the Angus breed and our own herd, as well as being a good social occasion. They also help to emphasize all the Angus' best traits and characteristics, and allow comparison between the breeds at one location.



Oldcastle Show Youth Development Workshop 2010


In conjuntion with Oldcastle Agricultural Show, a very successful youth development workshop was held on the farm. This workshop taught the skills in show animal preparation, such as washing, clipping, carcase assessment and handling skills. It also showed that there was great enthusiasm amongst the young people that attended and was a very enjoyable day.



Ploughing Championships


The Ploughing Championships are Ireland's largest annual agricultural event. It consists of ploughing competitions, trade exhibits, livestock, craft villages and machinery. We actively take part, exhibiting both pedigree and commercial cattle. It is another of the major social events in the Irish agricultual calendar, and as such is a great place to go to exhibit and promote the herd.