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Export Of Aberdeen Angus to Portugal

Liss Angus as part of a consortium of breeders from Ireland recently supplied a number of animals to Portugal, with further shipments in progress.


An Angus Breeder's Rulebook.

Give them a read....

* If she’s not pregnant, she can’t stay.

* Trimming feet should be done just behind the ears!

* Always drink upstream from the herd!

* There’s no place for a “Rusty Knife” in the calving box!

* Cows with swing bags swing best on the hook!

* The fastest way to double our money in this industry is fold it over and put it back in your pocket!

* All my €1,000.00 bulls are steers.

* Never sell a breeding animal you wouldn’t be proud to own!

* Big birth weight bull calves grow up to make great steers!

* If you’re riding ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it’s still there!


From New Dimension Cattle Company



History of Liss


The Liss Herd was founded in the early 1950s by Bartle Mc Enroe who bought his first Aberdeen Angus heifer from his Uncle Bernard McEnroe of Lakeview, Co. Cavan. This first heifer, Diana of Lakeview, sparked a lifelong love of Angus, which provided the foundation to the herd we have today.


Batty He went on to build a renowned herd of Angus on a solid foundation of Scottish and Irish genetics. Bartle started to show stock, first in the 1950’s at local Agricultural shows, bull shows and fatstock sales and by the early 1960’s his stock was of a high enough standard, to be shown in the Royal Dublin Society where competition was sharp from the veterans of the time. He continued to show there until its closure, and in so doing the herd achieved many accolades, the highest being when the Irish Department of Agriculture choose ‘Duke of Liss’ as the stock bull for the newly founded herd on the Papal Farm in Castlegandalfo in Italy in 1964.


In the late 1960’s he started to go on ‘holidays’ to Scotland, but these holidays always coincided with certain bull shows and so began a new era with the introduction of Scottish blood to Liss, from Eastfield ‘Julius Eric’ and Nightingale “Baron Blarney” arrived as stock bulls. These bulls brought further success in the show ring and Bartle started to supply the favourite Blue Grey heifers to Scotland.


In the 1970‘s Bartle was one of first Irish Breeders to exhibit and win at Smithfield Show in London with his commercial stock, attaining Junior Champion. He also showed bulls in Perth in the old market and told many great stories from the Market Bar.


Res Champ Bartle was a noted member of the Aberdeen Angus Society for 50 years and held the position as President of the Irish Aberdeen Angus Association and Council Member to the Society. Batty and his wife Mamie happily hosted many Scottish and English Aberdeen Angus club trips to his farm over the years and were proud to host a trip as part of the World Aberdeen Angus Forum in 1977.


His love for correctness of the breed was shown nowhere more openly than in his judging of stock and throughout his life he was always happy to spend a day judging at a show whether big or small and was willing to discuss his decisions especially with a newcomer to the showing scene. He felt honoured to have judged at Royal Dublin Society, Cork Shows, Balmoral Shows, Armagh Shows, Perth Shows and The Royal Show in Stoneleigh among others.


3 Generations This interest was to become his life for over 60 years and in doing so his legacy at Liss is continued today by his son John. In recent years, John has introduced Canadian genetics into the herd with the aquisition of Gigginstown Rolls Royce 0023, and a Whitestone Widespread MB son, Liss Tango G854.